Court Coverage

How to Request Coverage:

Securing coverage for your cases is simple and easy. Just Email ([email protected]), text or call (779) 379-2229. Send the date, time, and court location of your coverage request. You will receive a confirmation email in minutes. My associates and I are always accessible via email, phone, text, or fax 24/7. Last minute coverage requests are never a problem.

What is a Coverage Attorney?

“ It is like having your own associate in every court room!”

A coverage attorney provides local legal counsel coverage for court matters. At CKB Law Offices, we provide coverage on federal and state matters, including bankruptcy 341 meetings, bankruptcy court matters, foreclosure matters, state court, and dissolution matters.

We GUARANTEE to find your firm local coverage for every request you make in the following counties:

  1. Will County
  2. DuPage County
  3. Lake County
  4. Winnebago (Rockford)
  5. Kane (Geneva)
  6. De Kalb County
  7. South Cook County & Cook County
  8. Kankakee County
  • CKB Law Offices offers the lowest and most competitive rates on the market. If you find a lower rate, we will beat it, guaranteed!
    We provide immediate feedback of the events of your case. We provide you with detailed notes of the outcome of your case with a copy of the court order the day of your hearing.
  • We leave your clients with a long lasting, positive impression of your law firm. We understand that many of your clients are referral based. As such, we make sure to leave your clients with the most positive impression of your law firm. We will treat your client like our own. We will take the time to prepare your clients for their 341 meeting or hearing; to review the questions the Trustee will ask them; to answer all of their questions; to explain the next steps after their 341 meeting; and to give them the utmost respect and attention.
  • Each associate of CKB Law Offices is a “regular” in their respective court houses and is an expert in the county in which they cover. They have a positive rapport with each Trustee and Judge they appear before. They understand the requirements of each Trustee and Judge. They can make sure your hearing or 341 meeting and/or court case runs smoothly. You don’t ever have to worry about walking into a county in which you don’t normally practice.
  • Our coverage attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable in their respective practice fields.

Benefits of a Coverage Attorney:

  • Your time is your money. Why waste an entire day waiting for a 341 meeting when you can be taking in more clients and expanding your business? Using a coverage attorney makes financial sense.
  • Why hire an associate and provide health insurance, benefits and full time pay when you can hire a part time, 1099 contractor to appear in eight counties.
    Save on travel costs to drive to collar counties, such as gas and parking.
    One phone call, email, or text to guarantee coverage.
  • No more worrying about being in two court houses at the same time. You can schedule multiple court appearance in multiple court houses without worrying.
    Avoiding security check if you do not have the proper identification card.

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